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Adams Capital Management Case Study Essay

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Case Study: Adams Capital Management

1. Adams espouses a “market first” analysis of opportunity by looking for discontinuities. Is this substantive or window-dressing? Do the four types of discontinuities represent applicable guidelines? Are they comprehensive, or are there other discontinuity templates that a venture investor would find useful?

2. Analyze Structured Navigation. Is this a valid measurement of progress in early stage investing? Could such a program ever be a hindrance to company development?

3. How does the ACM approach affect the recruiting, training, and management of ACM partners?

4. How should LPs of ACM view the ACM approach to technology start-ups (i.e.: Discontinuities and Structured…show more content…

2. Structured navigation is essentially a five process checklist system for managing investments. ACM does this by deeply involving themselves in their portfolio companies
Aspects of the structured navigation include: * Establish a talented management team * Obtain a corporate partner or endorsement * Gain early exposure o industry and investment banking analysts * Expand the product line * Implement best practice
The partners felt this was a valid measurement of progress in early stage investing since early stage technology companies shared many of the same benchmarks and needed many of the same elements to succeed. I believe the program wouldn’t be a hindrance to company development due to its flexibility in the sense that there is no specific order in which they need to be “finished” and that the processes are positively correlated, overall increasing the probability of success of the company. 3. The ACM approach differs from conventional venture firms in the sense that instead of venture capitalists, partners, being key deal makers , each partner would be recruited, trained and managed the same way most business were; where employees , in principal, replaceable.

4. LP’s of ACM would probably have a strong positive view on the ACM approach. ACM portrays a specialised expertise in technology start ups with its discontinuities based investing and due diligence in management through its structured

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Case: Aircraft Brake Scandal

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Executive Summary
Goodrich Company was suspected of publishing falsified qualification report of its new-designed aircraft brake for the A7D. Kermit Vandiveer, a data analyst and technical writer in Goodrich, was ordered by the executives to issue a false qualification report. Initially, Vandiveer refused and got support from his supervisor. However, under the pressure he had to offered artificial graphic presentation in the report. After the failing flight test, Vandiveer disclosed the misconduct and fraud of Goodrich and turned into a government witness in the litigation. Vandiveer faced dilemmas throughout the case: to follow his personal value and professional responsibility to refuse unethical action or to follow the managers’ order…show more content…

One group was represented by Vandiveer who refused to write a deliberately falsified report. They were integrity and stood on their personal values and beliefs. They were responsibility for their professional standards and for the company’s interest and reputation as employees. Most people in the other group were executives, who were more concerned with their performance and future career path. They tried every way to whitewash the truth despite the serious consequence. A detailed Ethical Analysis Workbook for all people involved provided in Exhibit 1.

The Relevant Standards/Principles
There are two major standards used to evaluating Vandiveer’s behavior. One is fiduciary principle that required someone act in the best interests of the company and its investors. Diligence, intelligence, candor, loyalty, and many other characters are positive behavior of fiduciary. And unauthorized self-dealing, carelessness, bribery, and some other negative behaviors are prohibited. The other one is transparency principle that required someone conduct business in a truthful and open manner. Accuracy, truthfulness, honesty reflect this standard and fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation oppose it.
Under the fiduciary principle, the one under such situation should try his best to protect the interest of company. Obviously, that was a right-versus-wrong situation. As an employee, neither quitting the job to escape from bad situation nor

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