Marcien Towa Bibliography De Mariama Ba

TO MOST HISTORIANS of African and Caribbean literature in French, Ren� Maran's Batouala, V�ritable roman n�gre, published in 1921 (prix Goncourt 1921), would mark the beginning of this literature. Tout le roman n�gre proc�de de Ren� Maran, said L�opold Senghor in 1956. By all standards this is a relatively young literature; its writers, with a few exceptions, are living persons. Indeed, the bulk of its corpus belongs to the late fifties and the post-independence period in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet within this short span, this literature has made its presence felt on the world scene, and has generated enough materials for serious research.

         As part of the history and culture of the peoples, African and Caribbean literature in French reflects the traumatic history of imperialism (colonial and neo-colonial) and its political, economic, and cultural manifestations. One can easily define in this literature, from the great poet-apostles of Negritude (L�on Gontran Damas, Aim� C�saire, L�opold Senghor, Jacques Rabemanjara), to the post-independence novelists (ousmane Semb�ne, Djibril Tamsir Niane, Jean Pliya, Seydou Badian, and others), a conscious desire towards cultural disalienation, an effort to reach back to native sources and traditions, to one's own roots which the colonized has been taught to despise. But there is also a political engagement that is discernible in the works of the new generation of writers, witnesses to an era torn between the vast hopes aroused by independence and the disillusioning experiences of early statehood--dictatorship, repressions, imprisonments, tortures, executions. From these conflicts and prises de conscience have risen some remarkable works and a few masterpieces of lasting intrinsic importance.

       At the same time, critics have been interested since the early 1970's, following Ahmadou Kourouma's Soleils des independances, in the renewal of the African romanesque discourse, which in the words of Jacques Chevrier, became manifeste aussi bien au niveau de l'espace et de la chronologie que du statut des personnages, de la tonalit� du r�cit (marqu� de plus en plus par la fantaisie, l'humour, la distanciation...), et qui affecte �galement la structure du roman. Further, the past decade is marked by the growth of a feminine literature, the emergence of the short story as a new form of African writing, and such diverse issues as literary production and native readership, writing and language, national vs ethno-regional literatures, didactic or militant vs introspective or intimist conceptions of creation, and linguistic "experimentations"--creolization of French language in Haiti, Mauritius, the Seychelles, and R�union; neologisms and syntactic and lexical adaptations/innovations on the African continent. These developments have not only provided rich study materials to literary critics, sociolinguists, and other thinkers, but have also stimulated and elevated the dialogue on the meaning and literature in Africa and the Caribbean in general.


There are numerous bibliographies of and about creative writing from Africa and the Caribbean; some are listed in Part III of this Guide. The following bibliographic selections include works which are representative of the core of current critical and biographical writing in this field. Many of these works contain useful footnote citations and references which the researcher should take care to examine and explore profitably. Primary sources, chiefly anthologies, and (with few exceptions) studies specific to individual authors are not included in this basic bibliography. A study by author necessitates selection and concentration, which, given the intent of this Guide, must inevitably be left to the researcher. He is well supplied with several good finding tools, described in Part III, that will enable him to develop specific bibliographies for the more intense study.


Listed in this section are readings intended for those who wish to have a quick appreciation of the historical, generic, and thematic issues, and some different methods and comparative approaches to the study of this literature.

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Women in Literature

MILOLO, Kembe. L'Image de la femme chez les romanci�res de l'Afrique noire francophone. Friburg, Switz.: Ed. universitaires, 1986. Bibliography: 305-328. (PQ3984.K44)

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Several periodicals are devoted to, or provide good coverage of African and Caribbean literature in French. Unfortunately, most of them appear irregularly or have delayed publication.

Abbia: Revue culturelle camerounaise/Cameroun Cultural Review. 1963-
African Literature Association/ALA Bulletin.
1982- (Formerly: ALA Newsletter.)
L'Afrique litt�raire. 1980- (Formerly: L'Afrique litt�raire et artistique.)
Asemka: A Bi-Lingual Literary Journal of the University of Cape Coast. 1974-
Cahiers du Cercle litt�raire de Brazzaville. 1979-
Celacef Bulletin. 1988-
Centre d'�tudes des litt�ratures africaines. Bulletin.
Ethiopiques: Revue socialiste de culture n�gro-africaine.
Lettres africaines. 1987- (2 bis, rue du R�servoir, 1008 Tunis)
Lettres et culture de langue fran�aise. 1984-
Notre Librairie. 1970-
Peuples noirs/Peuples africains. 1978-
La Plume: Revue litt�raire de l'Association des �crivains et critiques litt�raires du B�nin (ASECL). 1987-
Pr�sence africaine. 1947-
Pr�sence francophone. 1970-
Research in African Literatures. 1970-
Revue de litt�rature et d'esth�tique n�gro-africaines. 1977-

Other journals have published whole issues, or a good part of an issue, on topics in African and Caribbean writing:

Cahiers d'�tudes africaines. 1960-
The French Review.
1927- (October issue lists "Dissertations in Progress.")
Itin�raires et contacts de cultures. 1976- (Formerly: Itin�raires)
Jeune Afrique. 1960-
Magazine litt�raire. 1966-
Nouvelles du Sud.
Revue de litt�rature compar�e. 1921-

Special Bibliographies

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JAHN, Jahnheinz. A Bibliography of Neo-African Literature from Africa, America, and the Caribbean. New York: Praeger, 1965. (Z3508.L5J3) Lists primary sources.

--------------, and Claus Peter Dressler. Bibliography of Creative African Writing. 1971; Millwood, NY: Kraus-Thomson, 1973. (Z3508.L5J28 1973) Expands and updates the African section of Jahn's Bibliography of Neo-African Literature. Lists primary and secondary sources.

KOM, Ambroise, ed. Dictionnaire des oeuvres litt�raires n�gro-africaines de langue fran�aise (des origines � 1978). Sherbrooke, Qu�.: Ed. Naaman; Paris: Agence de coop�ration culturelle et technique, 1983. (Ref/PQ3980.A52D53) Summaries and brief critiques of African creative writing in French, including works by lesser known authors. Indexes of authors and literary genres.

MERAND, Patrick, and S�wanou Dabla. Guide de litt�rature africaine (de langue fran�aise). Paris: L'Harmattan, 1979. (Z3508.L5M47) Selected African authors, with brief annotations for the most important works.

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WATERS, Harold Arthur. Le Th�atre noir: Encyclop�die des pi�ces �crites en fran�ais par des auteurs noirs. Washington, DC: Three Continents Press, 1988. An extensive and enlarged edition--critical article and bibliography--of his Black Theater in French: A Guide. Sherbrooke, Qu�.: Ed. Naaman, 1978. (Ref/PQ3897.W37)

WESTERN, Dominique Coulet. A Bibliography of the Arts of Africa. Waltham, MA: African Studies Association, 1975. "Oral Literature," 49-78. (Z5961.S85W47I975)

ZELL, Hans M. et al. A New Reader's Guide to African Literature. New York: Africana Publishing Co., 1983. (Ref/PN849.A35Z44 1983) Annotated list of works by African writers in French and English; authors' biographies; magazines; addresses of booksellers, dealers, and publishers, and libraries with African literature collections.

1800 Titres de litt�rature (Afrique, Antilles, oc�an Indien). Notre Librairie 64 (1982).

2500 Titres de litt�rature: Afrique sud-saharienne. Notre Librairie 94 (1988). Lists reference and bibliographical works, critical monographic studies, anthologies, primary works, translations and adaptations of oral texts, periodicals, and publishers. Supplements the preceding title.

Other bibliographies (genres, themes, national literatures, or particular authors) are listed in Yvette Scheven, Bibliographies for AfricanStudies (New York: Crossroads Press, 1977-1979 Ref/DT351.S33 ; Hans Zell, 1980-1983- Ref/DT351.S34).

Indexing Services

MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literature. 1921- . (Ref/Z7006.M64) Lists books, articles in periodicals or books, and theses and dissertations. Available in paper copy, online, and ondisc (CD-ROM). A section pertaining to Africa was introduced in 1961. Search the paper copy under "African Literature," in vol. 2, and beginning 1981, under "Folk Literature--Africa," in vol. 5 (Folklore). The computerized and more effective access to the Bibliography, for the years after 1963, is available in two ways: (a) online (1964- , updated monthly), by appointment; or (b) ondisc (1981-, updated quarterly), for immediate access. Inquire at the Reference Desk, Founders Library.
French XX Bibliography. 1969- . New York: French Institute/Alliance fran�aise, 1969-1985; Selinsgrove, PA: Susquehanna University Press, 1986- . Annual. (Ref/Z2171.F7) Lists critical references, both books and articles. Continues French VII Bibliography (1949-1968). Prior to 1982 (vol. 34), citations on African and Caribbean literature in French were scattered throughout pt. 1 (Literary Criticism) of each volume, making subject searching in this area extremely time-consuming. Beginning vol. 34, a new section was introduced for francophone countries, with cross-references to pertinent items included in sources listed in pt. 1 (General Subjects), and pt. 3 (Cinema). Pt. 2 is an author-subject listing, arranged alphabetically by author.
The International African Bibliography: Current Books, Articles and Papers in African Studies. 1971- . London: Mansell, 1971- . Quarterly. (Z3503.I51 - cumulative edition)
Litt�ratures africaines � la Biblioth�que nationale: Catalogue des ouvrages d'�crivains africains et de la litt�rature critique s'y rapportant entr�s � la Biblioth�que nationale (1973-1983
Compiled by Paulette Lordereau. Paris: Litt�ratures africaines � la Biblioth�que nationale, 1984. (Ref/PL3980.F73) Reviewed, noting inaccuracies and gaps, by Robert Cornevin, Le Mois en Afrique 233/236 (juin-juillet 1985): 170-171.

Current Imprints

The African Book Publishing Record. 1975- . Oxford, Eng.: Hans Zell, 1975- . Quarterly. (Per/African Studies) Provides an on-going supplementary and updating service to African Books in Print (below), giving details of new and forthcoming titles published in Africa or its offshore islands, as well as books of multinational publishers operating in Africa.
African Books in Print; An Index by Author, Title, and Subject. 3rd ed. 1984. Irregular. (Ref/Z3501.A46)
Les Livres disponibles/French Books in Print
. 1977- . Paris: Cercle de la Librairie, 1977- . Annual. (Acquisitions Department) Issued in three parts: (1) Authors; (2) Titles; (3) Subjects, arranged by Universal Decimal Classification. Pertaining classes are: 847.42 =


Dissertation AbstractsInternational. Ann Arbor, MI: Uiversity Microfilms International, 1861- . More than 250 universities, nearly all American, participate in DAI. Certain important universities, however, either do not participate or participate only in a limited fashion in this service. Choice of paper copy or computerized searching. The more effective computerized searching is available in two ways: (a) online (1861- , updated monthly), by appointment; or (b) ondisc (1861- , updated annually), for immediate access. Inquire at the Reference Desk, Founders Library.
R�pertoire des th�ses africanistes fran�aises. Paris: Centre d'�tudes africaines (CARDAN, Centre d'analyse et de recherche pour la documentation sur l'Afrique noire), Ecole des hautes �tudes en sciences sociales, 1977- . (Ref/DT3.R46) Lists dissertations, both completed (th�ses soutenues) and, to 1980, in progress (th�ses inscrites). "Dissertations in Progress," and "Dissertations Defended." The French Review 1963- (October issue). Annual listing of doctoral dissertations from French graduate programs in North America.

Theses and dissertations presented at Howard University are housed in the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, which also has a comprehensive collection of African studies dissertations on microfilm. The Microform Reading Room at the Library of Congress maintains a copyof every dissertation available from University Microfilms International. Unfortunately, copies of doctoral dissertations completed at French universities are hard to obtain, even when all bibliographic data are provided, because dissertations are not generally available in microformat.

Writing and Style

The MLA Handbook (Ref/LB2369.M53 1984)
The Chicago Manual of Style. 12th ed., rev. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1982. (Ref/Z253.U69 1982)
Code typographique: Choix de r�gles � l'usage des auteurs et des professionnels du livre.
13e �d. Paris: FIPEC, 1983. (Z253.S99 1983)

Language Consultations

Le Bon Langage: Guide familier de la langue fran�aise en Afrique. Henri de Julliot. Paris: Larousse, 1970. (PC2460.J8; LCCN 71-573788) The author is not only against style which is downright bad French, but also against the use of vernacular turns and phrasing. Yet some writers, such as Ahmadou Kourouma in Soleils des ind�pendances, have sought conscious departures from "le bon fran�ais" to produce interesting stylistic effects.
Le Bon usage. Maurice Grevisse. Gembloux, Belgium: Duculot, 1986. (Ref/PC2111.G7937).
Dictionnaire g�n�ral de la fancophonie
. Jean-Jacques Luthi, et al. Paris: Letouzey et An�, 1986. Bibliography: 389-391. (DC33.9L87; LCCN 87-108434)
The Elements of Style. W. Strunk and E. B. White. New York: Macmillan, 1979. (Ref/PE1408.S772)
Grammaire comparative du fran�ais et de l'anglais (� l'usage des anglophones)
. Jean-Paul Tremblay. Qu�.: Presses de l'universit� Laval, 1979. (PC2112.T7)
Harrap's New Standard French and English Dictionary. London: Harrap, 1972. (Ref/PC264.H317 1972)
Haitian Creole-English-French Dictionary.
Project director, Albert Valdman. Bloomingdale: Indiana University Press, 1981. 2 vols. (PM7854.H34H34; LCCN 84-673751)
Inventaire des particularit�s lexicales du fran�ais en Afrique noire. IFA (Equipe du projet). Montr�al: AUPELF; Paris: Agence de Coop�ration culturelle et technique, 1983. Bibliography: 531-550. (Ref/PC3680.A38I68)
A Reference Grammar of Modern French.
Anne Judge and F.G. Healey. Baltimore, MD: Edward Arnold, 1983. (Ref/PC2112.J83)

Research Organizations

Research organizations, associations, documentation centers, and publishers serving the field of African and Caribbean literature in French are many; the major ones are listed here. A more complete listing is found in Hans M. Zell, et al., A New Reader's Guide to African Literature (Ref/PN849.A35Z44 1983), and International Guide to African Studies Research/Etudes africaines: Guide international de recherches (Ref/DT19.8.B354). For current information and liaison--conferences, symposia, new organizations, recent publications, calls for papers, and various -pertinent notices--read regularly the following journals:

ALA Bulletin
APELA. Bulletin de liaison
Celacef Bulletin
Lettres et culture de langue fran�aise
Univers francophone

a) Africa

Centre africain de litt�rature / Institut sup�rieur de th�ologie de Kinshasa, BP 4742, Kinshasa, Zaire.
Centre d'�tudes des litt�ratures africaines (CELA)
/ Universit� nationale du Zaire, Campus de Lubumbashi, BP 1825, Lubumbashi, Zaire.
Centre r�gional de documentation pour la tradition orale (CRDTO) / BP 369, Niamey, Niger.
Institut de recherches des sciences humaines (IRSH) / BP 318, Niamey, Niger.
D�partement de litt�rature et civilisation n�gro-africaines / Institut fondamental d'Afrique noire (IFAN), BP 206, Dakar-Fann, S�n�gal.
Institut national tchadien des sciences humaines / BP 503, N'Djamena, Tchad.

b) Europe

Centre d'�tudes litt�raires francophones (CELF) / Universit�e de Paris XIII-Villetaneuse, avenue J.-B.-Cl�ment, 93400 Villetaneuse, France.
Centre d'�tudes litt�raires maghr�bines, africaines et antillaises (CELMA) / Universit� de Bordeaux III, Domaine universitaire, 33405 Talence, France.
Centre d'�tudes et de recherches sur les civilisations et les litt�ratures d'expression fran�aise (CERCLEF) / Universit� de Paris XII--Val de Marne, Avenue du G�n�ral-de-Gaulle, 94010 Cr�teil, France.
Centre international d'�tudes francophones (CIEF) / Universit� de Paris-Sorbonne, c 1, rue Victor-Cousin, 75005 Paris.
Groupe d'�tudes des litt�ratures n�o-africaines (GELNA) / Universit� catholique de Louvain, B-3000 Louvain, Belgique.
Litt�rature et langues d'Afrique noire / Universit� de Nantes, Chemin de la Sensive-du-Terre, 44000 Nantes, France.

c) North America

Centre d'�tude sur la litt�rature africaine et carib�enne d'expression fran�aise (CELACEF) / Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122.
Centre d'�tudes des litt�ratures d'expression fran�aise (CELEF) / Universit� de Sherbrooke, Qu�bec J1K 2R1. Publishes Pr�sence francophone.
Centre de recherches cara�bes / Universit� de Montr�al, CP 6128, Montr�al, Qu�bec H3C 3J7.


ADELF, Association des �crivains de langue fran�aise (mer et outre-mer) / 15, rue La P�rousse 75016 Paris. Each year since 1961, ADELF has awarded the grand prix litt�raire de l'Afriquenoire--list of laureates in Appendix. Publishes Lettres et culture de langue fran�aise.
APELA, Association pour l'�tude des litt�ratures africaines / 5, square Henri Delormel, 75014 Paris.
African Literature Association / C/o African American Studies Department, University of Maryland (Baltimore County), 5401 Wilkens Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21228.
CLEF, Club des lecteurs d'expression fran�aise / 57, boulevard des Invalides, 75007 Paris. Encourages reading in Africa and the promotion of African and Caribbean literatures. Publishes the periodical Notre Librairie and a series of phonorecords, "Archives sonores" (in collaboration with Radio-France internationale), and organizes special traveling exhibits, "Les Litt�ratures africaines d'expression fran�aise," "Litt�ratures des Cara�bes," "Th�atre d'Afrique noire" (in collaboration with the BIP/Centre Georges Pompidou), "Les Litt�ratures de l'oc�an Indien," and "Litt�ratures du Maghreb."
Association des �crivains et critiques litt�raires du B�nin (ASECE) / BP 03-2383, Cotonou, B�nin.

Documentation Centers

a) France

Acad�mie des sciences d'outre-mer (ASOM). Biblioth�que / 15, rue La P�rouse, 75016 Paris. The most important collection on African literatures in France.
Centred'�tudes et de documentation sur l'Afrique et l'outre-mer (CEDAOM). Biblioth�que / 29, quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris. 60,000 volumes in all fields, including literature.
Centre d'�tudes litt�raires francophones (CELF). Biblioth�que / Universit� de Paris XIII-Villetaneuse, avenue J.-B.-Cl�ment, 93400 Villetaneuse.
Centre des hautes �tudes pour l'Afrique et l'Asie moderne (CHEAM) Biblioth�que / 13, rue du Four, 75006 Paris.
Biblioth�que nationale / 58, rue Richelieu, 75084 Paris.
Centre de documentation africaine de Radio-France internationale
/ 116, avenue du Pr�sident-Kennedy, 75016 Paris.

b) North America

Library of Congress / Adams Building, Room 1040C, Washington, DC 20540.
Howard University. The Founders Library
/ Washington, DC 20059.
Howard University. Moorland-Spingarn Research Center / Washington, DC 20059.
Northwestern University Library
/ Evanston, IL 60201.
Universit� de Sherbrooke. Biblioth�que / Sherbrooke, Qu�bec J1K 2R1, Canada.
Yale University Library / 130 Wall Street, New Haven, CT 06520.


Librairie de l'ACTION SOCIALE / 147, rue Roux, BP 2471, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
AFRICANA Publishing Co.
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Researched and produced by
Mohamed Mekkawi
Howard University, Washington, DC
30 January 1989.

Prefactory Note and Acknowledgments
(February 1989)

      The purpose of this Guide is twofold: (1) to suggest challenging critical reading in the history, genres, and social bases of African (sub-Saharan) and Caribbean literature in French, and (2) to assist the researcher in locating, independently, further materials--primary as well secondary--for any research topic in this field. The Guide is intended primarily for the beginning researcher in graduate and upper-undergraduate levels at Howard University, but it will also be informative and useful to the experienced researcher elsewhere in areas that he has not had occasion to explore.

      I wish to thank gratefully Dr. Thomas C. Battle, acting director of University Libraries, Dr. Arthuree Wright, supervisor of Reference, The Founders Library, Dr. Doris Hall, African specialist in the Moreland-Spingarn Research Center, and members of the French faculty, Department of Romance Languages at Howard University, notably, Dr. Herman Bostick, Chairman, and professors Daniel Racine, Fran�oise Pfaff, Marc-A. Christophe, and Paulin Djit�--all of whom have reviewed the final draft of this Guide and made useful suggestions for additions and improvements; the late Robert Cornevin, former director of the Centre d'�tude et de documentation sur l'Afrique et outre-mer and president of the Association des �crivains de langue fran�aise (mer et outre-mer), for his valuable advice arising from his extensive knowledge of African francophone literature; and last, but not least, Susan Clarke Mekkawi for her interest in researching and designing the booklet cover, and baragash Yirega for her assistance in typing and reproduction.

Published by Howard University Libraries on the occasion of a symposium on Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures, co-sponsored by the University Libraries and the Department of Romance Languages, Howard University, 27 February, 8 and 15 March 1989.


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Œuvres principales

  • Une si longue lettre
  • Le Chant écarlate


Mariama Bâ, née le à Dakar, et morte dans la même ville le , est une femme de lettressénégalaise. Dans son œuvre, elle a critiqué les inégalités entre hommes et femmes à cause des traditions africaines.

Biographie[modifier | modifier le code]

Elle est née à Dakar au Sénégal en 1929 dans une famille fortunée. Son père était fonctionnaire de l'État.

Après la mort prématurée de sa mère, elle est élevée par ses grands-parents dans un milieu musulman traditionnel[1]. Son père, Amadou Bâ, est devenu ministre de la Santé du premier gouvernement sénégalais en 1957[2].

Elle intègre une école française où elle se fait remarquer par ses excellents résultats. Après son certificat d'études primaires obtenu à 14 ans, elle entre en 1943 à l’École normale de Rufisque, qu’elle quitte munie d’un diplôme d’enseignement en 1947. Elle enseigne pendant douze ans puis demande sa mutation au sein de l’Inspection régionale de l’enseignement pour raison de santé[1].

De son premier mariage, avec Bassirou Ndiaye, elle a trois filles, et du second mariage avec Ablaye Ndiaye une fille SMK[Quoi ?] ; elle obtient le divorce de son troisième mari, le député et ministre Obèye Diop, avec qui elle a eu cinq enfants. À la suite de son expérience du mariage, Mariama Bâ s’engage pour nombre d’associations féminines en prônant l’éducation et les droits des femmes[1]. À cette fin, elle prononce des discours et publie des articles dans la presse locale.

En 1979, elle publie aux Nouvelles éditions africaines son premier roman, Une si longue lettre, dans lequel Ramatoulaye fait le point sur sa vie passée sous forme épistolaire à l'occasion de la mort de son mari. Ce livre manifeste l'ambition féministe africaine naissante face aux traditions sociales et religieuses. Dès sa sortie, le roman connaît un grand succès critique et public ; elle obtient le Prix Noma de publication en Afrique à la Foire du livre de Francfort en 1980[1]. En plus d'Une si longue lettre, elle promeut les droits des femmes, particulièrement des femmes mariées. Elle a fait des discours et elle a écrit des articles sur la vie des femmes, notamment sur celles dont la vie était défavorisée.

Elle meurt peu après d’un cancer, avant la parution de son deuxième roman, Un chant écarlate, qui raconte l'échec d'un mariage mixte entre un Sénégalais et une Française, du fait de l'égoïsme de l'époux et des différences culturelles[1].

Un lycée de Gorée (la Maison d’éducation Mariama Bâ) porte son nom.

Ses œuvres reflètent principalement les conditions sociales de son entourage immédiat et de l’Afrique en général, ainsi que les problèmes qui en résultent : polygamie, castes, exploitation des femmes pour le premier roman ; opposition de la famille, manque de capacité de s’adapter au nouveau milieu culturel face à des mariages interraciaux pour le deuxième.

Œuvres[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Une si longue lettre, Abidjan, Nouvelles éditions africaines, 1979(ISBN 2-7236-0430-6) ; réédition, Paris, Le Serpent à plumes, coll. « Motif » no 137, 2001 (ISBN 2-84261-289-2)
  • Un chant écarlate, Abidjan, Nouvelles éditions africaines, 1981(ISBN 2-7236-0826-3)

Notes et références[modifier | modifier le code]

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Articles connexes[modifier | modifier le code]

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