Staten Island University Hospital General Surgery Residency Personal Statement

About Program

The Residency Program at Downstate is approved by the Residency Review Committee in Surgery to graduate nine residents each year. The program has no pyramid. Rotations currently take place at the following locations :

» University Hospital of Brooklyn
»Kings County Hospital
»NY-Harbor VA Medical Center- Brooklyn Campus
» Richmond University Medical Center


We support a transplant fellowship program which includes kidney and liver transplants, advanced training.

Requirements for Categorical and Preliminary Applicants

The categorical residency in general surgery is a 5-year program.
We are approved for eight (8) Residents.
Applications are through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

Since 1999 all applications are only accepted through the: ELECTRONIC RESIDENCY APPLICATION SERVICE (ERAS).

Our requirements for application include:

»  A Medical School Transcript
»  USMLE (ECFMG) scores
»  Dean's Letter
»  Personal Statement
»  C.V.
»  Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
»  Personal Interview

Potential applicants must be graduates of either of the following:

» An LCME accredited medical school in the USA or Canada or
» Graduates of an American Osteopathic Association accredited school of Osteopathy or
»International Medical Graduates with a valid certificate from the ECFMG or have a full and     unrestricted license to practice in a US licensing jurisdiction, or
» Graduates of an LCME approved 5th Pathway Program


Please click here for instructions on training verifications.

Clinical Faculty
Subspecialty Surgeons

In addition to our core faculty, we have subspecialty surgeons in excess of over fifty members from all the surgical specialties medical staff of Florida Hospital and for the trauma rotation at Orlando Health.

Accola, Kevin, MD - Cardiothoracic
Alban, Rodrigo, MD - Trauma
Albert, Matthew, MD - Colon and Rectal
Anderson, Christopher, MD - Pediatric Surgery
Angelis, Michael, MD - Transplant
Atallah, Sam, MD - Colon and Rectal
Baylor, Jeffrey, MD - Otolaryngology, Transplant-Hepatobiliary
Bittner, Harmeth, MD - Surgery
Bonilla, Claudia, MD - Critcal Care
Boyer, Joseph, MD - Cardiothoracic
Chaudhry, Ahmad, MD - Cardiothoracic
Cheatham, Michael, MD - Trauma
Chemtob, Gilles, MD - Surgical Critical Care
Childers, Timothy, MD - General Surgery
Chin, Lawrence, MD - Transplant
Cicilioni, Orlando, MD - Plastic Surgery
Cortes, Rafael, MD - Gastroenterology
Guzzi, Louis, MD - Surgical Critical Care
H.deBeche-Adams, MD - Colon and Rectal
Hasan, Muhammad, MD - Hepatology & Gastroenterolgy
Ho, Henry, MD - Otolaryngology
Ibrahim, Joseph, MD - Trauma Surgery
Kahn, Zaman, MD - General Surgery
Kashi, Maryam, DO - Hepatology & Gastroenterolgy
Keating, Michael, MD - Children's Surgery
Kielmovitch,Izak, MD - Otolaryngology
Larach, Sergio, MD - Colon and Rectal
Lavasani, Leela, MD - Otolaryngology
Lehman, Jeffrey, MD - Otolaryngology
Lo, William, MD - Pediatric Surgery
Lube, Matthew, MD - Trauma
Mahan, Thomas, MD - General Surgery
Miller, Javier, MD - Urology
Nibhanupuddy, Bobby, MD - Transplant
Palmer, George, MD - Cardiothoracic
Papanicolaou, George, MD - Plastic Surgery
Patel, Rakesh, MD - Urology
Patni, Aftab, MD - Otolaryngology
Peters, Kendall, MD - Plastic Surgery
Posada, Roberto, MD - General Surgery
Promes, John, MD - Trauma
Ranson, Mark, MD - Vascular Surgery
Redan, Jay, MD - General Surgery
Rodricks, Michael, MD - Surgical Critical Care
Rosenthal, Raul, MD - Minimally Invasive Surgery
Savage, Christopher, MD - Otolaryngology
Shami, Halla, MD - Otolaryngology
Smith, Chadwick, MD - Trauma
Smith, Howard, MD - Trauma
Spector, Brian, MD - Otolaryngology
Stieg, Frank, MD - Plastic Surgery
Stoltzfus, Daniel, MD - Surgical Critical Care
Styne, Philip, MD - GI
Taggart, John, MD - Otolaryngology
Thill, Jeffrey, MD - Urology
Thompson, W. Raleigh, MD - Pediatric Surgery
Tipirneni, Kiran, MD - Otolaryngology
Tran, Hao, MD - Otolaryngology
Varnagy, David, MD - Vascular Surgery
Vedula, Girdhar, MD - Transplant Surgery
Winter, Robert, MD - Vascular Surgery
Wladis, Alan, MD - Vascular Surgery

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