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Compositions are mainly written in the junior schools in many states. For the teachers they normally have hard times trying to train their students on how to be creative. The students some of the times get tired and they copy the compositions from the articles that they see written in the English language. Therefore the teacher has to take her time in teaching the students how to write an original composition essay. When the teachers get into the classes, they introduce the topic by explaining to the students what composition is. This way they set a background for the students to know what they are going to be writing about. Once they know that it is just a matter of being creative they will be able to create small events and they will in turn learn how to put them down in the papers. This is how they form the foundation of these students in the creative writings. After this now the teachers insist on the essays.

The teachers say that they students should know the purpose of writing the compositions. Even if the composition is all about creative writing, the students should read the instructions carefully and understand them then they will be able to base their creativity on what they will understand. This way they will be able to create the right thing for the right topic that the teachers will give them.

After they have read the instructions then they will be able to know whether the composition will be written in essay forms, narratives, plays, short stories or poetry. This is because each of them is written in different ways. After this now the students should be ready to write the introduction of the topic that they are going to cover. They must give the readers a clue of what they are going to talk about in the body of their composition. From this part now the students must develop a body of what they will write. This is normally what the composition is all about. In the body writing, the students should first come up with ten points that they want to talk about in their writing. These points should be supported by some ideas as well as details about them.

After this the students should group the points into main groups like three of them. These three main groups will form the three main paragraphs in the body. They should be well organized such that the first one will support the second one and so on. The paragraphs should be detailed. The students should also conclude their work. They should base their conclusion from the body, from what they have explained in their body. Then they should draft the work in a final draft.

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Our views of the past change as we mature.
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The best gifts are the simplest ones.
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Memories influence our lives.
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We learn the most from people closest to us.
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Our journey into the future begins in the past.
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Certain experiences can mark the beginnings of maturity.
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