Police Brutality Essay Title Examples


What are some good titles for an essay on police brutality? 


Police brutality is a multi-faceted topic that lends itself to a number of different approaches.  Before you can determine what to title your police brutality essay, you need to narrow the focus of your essay.  We suggest that you write your title last, after figuring out the focus of your paper and writing your thesis statement.  This way you can ensure that your title is sufficiently specific to give the readers an idea of what you will be discussing in the paper.

There are literally thousands of sub-topics if you are writing about the issue of police brutality.  For example, you could focus on police brutality around the world or in a specific country; examine racial issues surrounding police brutality; look at remedies for police brutality; look at police brutality and sexual abuse; or discuss the negative societal consequences of police brutality.  Once you determine your specific topic, you can come up with a title.


How the Fear of Police Brutality Discourages African American Males from Exercising Their Constitutional Rights

Cops Who Rape: An Investigation of Officers Who Use Their Authority to Commit Sexual Assault

Why Are So Few Police Officers Convicted in Cases Where There Is Video Evidence of Police Brutality?

Black Lives Matter: A Community Response to Racially Disproportionate Police Brutality

Does Publicizing Incidents of Police Brutality Encourage Violence Against Police Officers?

Are Excessive Force and Police Brutality the Same Thing?


Before you can pick a great title for your police brutality essay, you first have to narrow the subject of your paper.  Once you have narrowed the subject and crafted a well-written thesis statement, you can use that thesis statement to guide you in writing your title.

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Top 20 Ideas For Your Argumentative Essay About Police Brutality

Argumentative essays are given by instructors to understand how well the student has done his or her homework as well as how well they have conducted their research. One freelance thesis subject which is given is on the term “police brutality”. The reason for giving this thesis subject is the fact that there is no black or white in such cases. There are various tones and shades of gray and depending on how well this has been researched; the student will be able to bring out subtle points.

There are various topics which can be written on this subject. Below are 20 top ideas that can be given as freelance argumentative essays.

  1. Why is it that people feel that police brutality is increasing
  2. Which are the crimes or areas where police brutality is faced
  3. What do people consider the term “police brutality” to be all about
  4. Will there be an agreement on what is defined as police brutality
  5. Are the steps taken by the department of police enough to reduce claims of this sort
  6. What are the kinds of punishment those officers who are convicted face
  7. What are the most brutal forms of police brutality
  8. Does race encourage police brutality
  9. What is the effect that race has on the occurrence of brutality
  10. Which gender faces more police brutality
  11. Is it right to teach children of the different aspects of police brutality
  12. Is police brutality acceptable for police officers
  13. What remedies will reduce brutality
  14. Police brutality towards those rioting
  15. Police brutality against truckers and truck drivers
  16. The effects of police brutality on society
  17. Brutality of police in prisons
  18. Motivations for misconduct by police
  19. men
  20. Corruption in the police force
  21. Police leadership and abuse

All these topics mentioned need the student to conduct a lot of research and do a lot of homework before writing the dissertation. This requires an understanding of the law as well as deep thought with regards interaction between different people. These topics are also sensitive in nature and thus, need to be handled carefully.

It helps if before writing the essay, the student reads up on not only the actions taken by the police but also the circumstances and the build up as well. It is only then can a good dissertation be written.

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